US Photonics Inc. is geared to be an a la carte R&D facility for corporations, companies and inventors who either do not have resources in house to allocate to a project, or whom do not have the required facilities, skill sets and or equipment in general. We have also been known to be the last bastion of hope for projects thought to be too impractical or all out impossible, as we have a track record of succeeding where others have given up or failed.

Microfluidics Device Development

US Photonics Inc. can create virtually any pattern in any material used in microfluidics applications including glasses, tissues, polymers, diamond, carbides, nitrides and stainless, with micro and nano sized features possible. We specialize in prototyping, one-offs and short runs of micro fluidics devices, along with creating tooling and systems for mass production.


Laser Micro Machining

The ultrafast Femtosecond laser technology used at US Photonics Inc. affords us some very crucial advantages over other state-of-the-art laser types. The most notable advantage is the lack of heat transfer during the ablation of a material which avoids the thermal damage associated with traditional machining techniques (laser, EDM, hard tool, etc.) and has the ability to cleanly ablate materials that would otherwise melt, crack or fracture, and even has the ability to ablate highly flammable materials such as the head of a match. This level of precision allows us to selectively remove nanometer scale thin films from a substrate without damage to the underlying substrate.  

Our 5 axis Micro/Nanomachining center boasts a 20 nanometer following error with up to 200mm/ second speed with 150mm travel (X/Y), 360 degree continuous rotation on two axes, and 100mm Z axis travel. It also utilizes a photolithographic mask imaging system with an axial 6.6MP camera with confocal microscope based real time surface profiling and autofocus.  


Sensors for Data Collection, Feedback and Automation

Medical Device Sensors

Knowledge is power, and having up to the minute information in life threatening situations is critical. Sensors for Medical devices that collect data and have it analyzed on the fly save time and lives. We can create sensors that remove the delay between sample taking and having that sample analyzed in a lab.

Mobile Communications and Portable Electronic Device Sensors

Mobile communication devices are rapidly becoming handheld appliances that serve a multitude of functions. Sensor and data collecting technology embedded in these devices empower them to be more versatile than ever before.

Defense and Aerospace Sensors

Whether on the ground or in the atmosphere, having real time data of your environment is crucial for safe and successful execution of a mission. Sensors that alert of environmental changes, record data for immediate or post scenerio analysis and sensors that initiate an automated response of integrated systems continue to be the foundation for our victories on the battlefield, and our exploration of space.

Sensor Types

Below is a list of some of the avenues that we use to create custom sensory components and whole sensor systems, which are used to gather, compile data, and alert end users when conditions are changing. We also create custom fit software to read and gather the raw data so that it can convert it into interpretable information for the end user.


Exotic Materials Development

Many of the research and development projects we are involved in allow us to become very familiar with a wide range of exotic materials, which are at the forefront of many emerging technologies. Some of these include but are not limited to: advanced polymers, carbon nano tubes (CNTs), Nitinol, Quantum Dots, Solgels and Aerogels, etc. We are also familiar with taking well established materials into the nano realm, which are showing alternate and exciting properties not usually associated with the material while it is comprised of the larger, traditional particle sizes.  



US Photonics can accommodate multiple facets of coatings for use in optics, sensors, circuits, etc.



Whether it is a quick prototype resin printing, multiphoton polymerization, a CNC machined component, or a laser CNC Micro/Nano machined part, we are ready to bring new ideas to life. With the aid of advanced software such as Solidworks 2010 and Comsol Multiphysics we are able to virtually build prototypes and even test them in the computer before ever producing a physical part, saving time, resources and money. Let us turn your ideas into the tangible objects needed for testing and/or for attaining funding to further your project.


Laser Micro Marking and Laser Engraving

We have the ability to mark, or scribe, virtually any solid substance with our ultrafast laser, from delicate organic materials and soft plastics to the toughest metals or gemstones, all without thermal damage associated with traditional laser marking methods. This affords us the ability to mark substances that are easily damaged by excessive heat, including explosives. Not only does this allow for an exeptionally clean mark that is virtually free of charring and melting, it also allows us to make the design or text microscopic in size for identification or informational purposes while being practically invisible without the closest examination.

We also have the ability to selectively ablate (remove) a thin coating off of an underlying substrate, without marking or damaging the underlying material, such as laser cut micro patterns made in a thin layer of gold on a piece of silicon.


Portable Power For Medical, Communications, Defense and other Mobile Electronic Devices

From hand held instruments and battery backup UPS to micro power cells and implantable devices, our drive is to continue to make smaller, more powerful and ultra reliable energy sources that can recharge faster with fewer thermal issues and maintain greater stability. Through the use of nano sized materials and state of the art chemistry, our battery technology has the potential to revolutionize portable medical devices, mobile communications and other hand held electronics while giving freedom to some devices currently deemed too power hungry for portability.


Equipment Refurbishing Services

Let US Photonics overhaul your broken or worn out high tech lab equipment and production machines. We also purchase used surplus and non-functional lab equipment. We are capable of handling electronic and mechanical systems on a component level, whether it is locating and repairing faulty circuitry or custom machining pieces to replace worn out parts. Our complete laboratory equipment refurbishing service goes beyond the simple repair level, because it is our goal to ensure total overall functionality has been restored to like new condition.

Equipment We Recondition - Call for estimates:


Engineering and Design Tools for Rapid Prototyping and Production

Micro/Nanomachining and Multiphoton Polymerization

Laser Systems



Conventional Machining


Plating & Coating


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